Model Testing Career Paths

Talent Pipeline

Opportunities to stretch

Principles and additional notes:

•The design is intended to supplement the existing appraisal processes (PMS).

•Years of experience are not automatic qualifiers for promotion. Other skills and competencies must be also demonstrated and assessed in line with the defined promotion criteria.

•Not all staff will progress the entire pathway, their personal preferences and capabilities may mean they are most suited to a certain level. This should not exclude them from relevant benefits or opportunities.

•There is scope for inclusion of 3 fast track schemes:

  • Graduate Training Programme from Trainee to Senior Test Engineer
  • Management Training Programme from Senior Test Engineer…

In Part 1, we looked at how the way change is implemented is evolving, the benefits of building a great support team and how an external view can provide a clear roadmap for an organisation. Having established these, we can now look at how business analysis can be used to leverage a global supply chain for competitive advantage.

A major challenge for industrial software providers is to use enterprise business analysis to support improved operational performance and outcomes. Organisational success draws on digital capabilities that support strategic goals — for example, supply chain efficiency to drive competitive advantage.

Business narratives…

Stephen R. Covey famously said, “If there’s one thing that’s certain in business, it’s uncertainty.” The prescience of these words is clear in a time when key decisions come with such a wide range of risks, possible outcomes and potential technology solutions.

And it’s also true that the problems themselves change and evolve; in my 15 years of working with businesses to enable change, I’ve never solved the same problem twice. Businesses are continuously looking to innovate to gain a competitive advantage or adapt to market conditions.

This two-part series will explore how business analysis can help organisations to solve…

According to Harvard Business Review, the exponential growth in mobile proliferation and better connectivity has resulted in customers depending heavily on their smartphones to access online services and information.

Digital traffic is growing at a dramatic rate with half the world’s population having access to the internet. For businesses, it is imperative to effectively utilise the adoption of global connectivity to tap into the growing number of users and drive better business benefits. However, we are observing that this evolution of technology and user expectations is causing some real challenges including:

  • Inability to access services in real time
  • High-value content…

Organisations aim to continuously improve in order to maintain competitive advantages and drive profitability. The challenge they face is knowing how successful they are at improving.

To address this challenge, companies look externally to benchmark against their competition and to identify what has been missed. There are many approaches to this: some look at standards such as ISO9001; others will look at market analysis such as Gartner Magic Quadrants; and some will focus on internal processes such as Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI).

What does ‘good’ testing look like?

The challenge with these approaches is that they don’t focus on…

The growing focus on Agile delivery has had a ripple effect on software testing priorities — transforming how the service is delivered across businesses. So, how can testers make the most of changing business and technology dynamics? I’ve detailed five trends that testing teams can capitalise on and meet customer expectations.

1) Focus on feedback, not test results
The purpose of a specialist tester within a delivery team has matured in recent years. Testing functions traditionally focused on verification of the solution against requirements. …

Sorry professional Developers, Testers, DBAs, BAs, PMs and IT Ops people. It’s with a heavy heart that I must say that it is time to move on in your careers.

After of over a decade of my promoting Agile ways of working and testing as a profession, 2020 is now more than ever going to be the year that YOU need to change.

It was nearly 4 years ago, I started talking about cross-functional teams and T-Shaped people ( but in retrospect, it’s not become mass market in the way we expected.

DevOps is more than a trend now…

Diverse teams are nothing new, but some of the benefits have been lost.

People are often surprised when I don’t get too excited by the debates over women in technology. Yes I am angered with the gender pay gaps and the bias in recruitment that is out there. But for me WIT isn’t anything extraordinary.

Recently though I have realised that this is because I have been very fortunate to have had very different experiences to many working in IT. My older sister was an IT Project Manager and many of my managers have been women.

But moreover, before I…

Part two of the tips and tricks to get your leadership skills operating at the elite level. It’s all about the team (of teams)…

Organisations will not and are unable to grow or change by themselves. People make a business and change needs someone to make it happen, good or bad.

As we saw in Part 1, this takes effective leadership. A person who is courageous, consistent, resilient, engaging and inspiring.

But one person can not change everything in an organisation of 200,000, 20,000 or even 200 people. For that you need an effective team and a vision.

Your Vision

You need…

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