Model Testing Career Paths

Talent Pipeline

Principles and additional notes:

•The design is intended to supplement the existing appraisal processes (PMS).

•Years of experience are not automatic qualifiers for promotion. Other skills and competencies must be also demonstrated and assessed in line with the defined promotion criteria.

•Not all staff will progress the entire pathway, their personal preferences and capabilities may mean they are most suited to a certain level. This should not exclude them from relevant benefits or opportunities.

•There is scope for inclusion of 3 fast track schemes:

  • Graduate Training Programme from Trainee to Senior Test Engineer
  • Management Training Programme from Senior Test Engineer to Test Manger / Test Architect
  • Future Leaders Training Programme from Lead to Senior level

SFIA Levels

  • Test Engineer — Level 1
  • Senior Test Engineer — Level 2
  • Test Analyst — Level 3
  • Associate Test Architect — Level 4
  • Test Lead — Level 4
  • Test Manger — Level 5
  • Senior Test Manger — Level 6

Role Definitions

Trainee Test Engineer

Test Engineer

Senior Test Engineer

Test Analyst

Test Lead

Test Manager

Senior Test Manager

Associate Test Architect

Test Architect

Senior Test Architect

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